Benefits of eating an apple a day

Benefits of eating an apple a day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is the phrase that we have heard since our childhood. So there is something that we miss is why one apple a day is important. As there is no doubt that apples are one of the major highly beneficial fruits full of nutrients. That phrase we have heard simply means that eating an apple a day will maintain your health. The phrase about apples first appeared in the 1866 newspaper.

An apple comprises many great nutrients, which provides the RDA for Manganese with many vitamins E B1 B2 and B6. Apples are rich in nutrients that are essential for the body. That is why if you are regularly eating apples every day, it will certainly keep you from any harm to your body. This is because apples are responsible for many health benefits. Even the skin of an apple is full of fibers. This blog guides the best benefits and why one apple a day is important for health.

Following are the benefits of eating one apple a day.

Full of nutrition

As apples are rich in some essential nutrients. A normal apple weighs about 170-180 grams. This apple comprises of the following nutrient levels

●       Calories 93

●       Carbs 24g

●       Protein 1.5g

●       Natural Sugar 12g

●       Fiber 4g

●       Vitamin C 14%

●       Potassium 6%

These all are the nutrients that a normal apple contains. The fact is these nutrients, and their values are enough to take care of your body for a day. They generally help your body to grow and process more comprehensively.

Full of nutrition

Best for heart health

There is a benefit of apples that lowers the risk of a chronic condition in which heart diseases are the crucial ones. Apples are very beneficial for the health of the heart. It lowers the risk of heart attacks and cardiac arrest. It certainly reduces inflammation and reduces heart disease.

Best for preventing diabetes

As diabetes is an ever-increasing risk around the world. People are not stopping eating sweeteners and sugar. This causes diabetes. Eating an apple a day will definitely prevent you from diabetes. This mostly concerns a single apple a day. Research said that eating an apple a day will prevent your body from diabetes more than eating more apples.

Apples for the entire body

There will be no doubt if I say an apple a day is a lifesaver. Because it prevents your body from all deadly diseases. It tastes amazing. Nobody aches when they eat it. Moreover, it is rich in every nutrient vitamin which the body needs the most. So, in a nutshell, apples are really a life-saving god gifted fruit. We should consume it on a daily basis. These are some of the important benefits of eating an apple a day. Plus, you can head into many supermarkets to score big savings with these fruit vouchers.