AARP Tax-Aide Tool List

This tool is for the ERO who has experienced an IRS tax return submission reject due to a mismatched EIN and payer name. The entries in this list has been accumulated from several unverified lists and is by no means complete but may help you find the right EIN if digits are reversed or entered incorrectly.

Actived: Thursday Jan 1, 1970


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EIN Search Tool

0506 ifm/grace coach lines inc: 84-1244923: 1 homecare agency corp: 56-2442461: 111 west monroe street: 36-2085229: 1199 h c emp pension fund: …

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Estimated Tax Worksheet

¹ HSA limit can be $1,000 higher per person over age 55; ² IRA limit can be $1,000 higher per person over age 50 but not more than earned income;